Debra Lee Country
Featuring the Trigger Happy Band

Upcoming Schedule of Events
Date Time Event
1/5 6:00pm Viva Cantina
1/7 8:30 Cowboy Palace
1/12 6:00pm Viva Cantina
1/24 8:00pm The Hideaway
1/25 8:00pm The Hideaway
1/26 6:00pm Viva Cantina
1/30 8:30pm The Cowboy Palace
2/2 6:00pm Viva Cantina
2/4 8:30pm The Cowboy Palace
2/9 6:00pm Viva Cantina Debra & Kurt's BD
2/14 8:00pm Viva Cantina Valentines Dinner
2/21 8:00pm The Hideaway
2/22 8:00pm VFW 6885
2/23 6:00pm Viva Cantina
2/26 8:00pm The Chop Shop NEW VENUE
3/2 6:00pm Viva Cantina
3/4 8:30pm The Cowboy Palace
3/7 8:00pm The Hideaway
3/8 8:00pm The Hideaway
3/9 6:00pm Viva Cantina
3/23 6:00pm Viva Cantina
3/30 6:00pm The Cowboy Palace
4/1 8:30pm The Cowboy Palace
4/5 7:00pm Ranch Party
4/6 6:00pm Cancelled
4/12 TBA Ranger's Private Party
4/13 12-4pm Hideaway Trail Ride
4/13 6:00pm Viva Cantina(2nd Gig)
4/18 8:00pm The Hideaway
4/19 8:00pm Private Party
4/20 6:00pm The Cowboy Palace
4/25 8:00pm The Hideaway
4/26 TBA Private Party
4/27 6:00pm Viva Cantina
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